Cypress Barn at Miller Lake: An Experience & View You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Between the proposal and saying “I do” is a thousand other questions. What is the color scheme? Who all should be invited? What if it rains? Band or DJ? Each detail of the big day must be planned and prepared for and one of the most crucial is this: Where should it be held? While there are a number of fine options locally, it can be hard at times to determine what makes the most sense. Luckily, there is a big, beautiful space locally that is so versatile, it can offer a solution to nearly any need.

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Cypress Barn at Miller Lake is a one-of-a-kind venue space with views and sights you simply cannot get anywhere else around here. The privately owned lake offers a controlled and consistent view, meaning that you never have to worry about use of the lake interrupting your view or your day. In addition to the breathtaking sights, the venue management offers a variety of options to ensure that your planned event can be as smooth and calm as the serene waters on the property.

“We provide our clients with not just a space, but an experience” says Teresa Lo, owner of the venue. “When folks come to our venue for their event, they are getting more than just four walls. They are entrusting us with their special day and we take that seriously. We provide numerous amenities in our packages and even work with several local vending options to help you create the day of your dreams.”

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What makes the venue most unique, is the flexibility of the space. A couple can plan a beautiful lakeside ceremony with cocktails on the patio before dinner and dancing inside or swing open any number of the six barn doors and hold the ceremony inside with the lake as a backdrop. The couple can use the included arbor, dock or nearby bridge for that perfect photo opportunity. Higher guest counts can even utilize overflow parking as needed and since it all sits on private property, everything will remain safe and secure.

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It’s easy to see why the outdoor space is so attractive to couples. As you walk the grounds around the venue, you immediately notice the breathtaking lake and the calm clear water. The natural backdrop of the lake provides for amazing photo opportunities and creates a view that cannot be matched at any local space. However just as important as what you do see is what you don’t: the city. You will forget you are only 20 minutes outside of Columbia as the colors of the leaves and sounds of nature draw you in. The peaceful setting will allow for all the focus to be on what matters most about the day.

While the lakeshore offers room for all the guest if you choose to hold the event outside, the space inside is just as beautiful. The venue itself is a gorgeous 3,000 square foot space with 29-foot high ceilings, a bridal suite and groom’s quarters along with beautifully adorned, rustic accents and offerings. The large kitchen and food prep space is perfect for vendor use and a number of benches and barrels on site can be utilized to create space for any occasion. The space is ideal at a 200 guest count, but can accommodate up to 250. This flexibility is what sets Cypress Barn apart from other venue options. The ability to move everything inside can offer peace of mind to those worried about last minute weather related hassles.

“So many spaces around here are just that. Spaces” says Lo. “We have a space yes, and it’s lovely, but we are here for you. We want your day to be the best it can possibly be. We want to see the look of love and happiness on your faces and we the day to be the day you dreamed it would be.”

By working with a variety of local vendors, Cypress Barn also offers a sense of calm to their clients by helping them to know what local options there are for catering, photography and bar services and even music and lighting. By helping to locate these local businesses they not only provide a sense of reassurance to their clients but help to promote other local businesses in the process.

So, if you are looking for an event space and want to get something different that all the rest, go check them out at Cypress Barn at Miller Lake. The view is spectacular. The people are a delight. The flexibility of the space is impressive. And,  all of these combine to make a unique, elegant space you simply must experience.

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