Fisher’s Off-Road Rentals: Exploring the beauty of Middle Tennessee

For the past 20 years, Brian Fisher and his family have traveled the world riding through some of the best trails and ATV parks while filming their journey on the award-winning program Fisher’s Off-Road. Now, this Williamsport family has opened their own tour company right here in Middle Tennessee.


Fisher’s Off-Road Rentals formed in 2019 when the Fisher family decided they wanted to share the beauty of the Hickman county trails near their home.


“We fell in love with the beauty of Tennessee back when we moved here” said Fisher. “We have ridden in [trail] systems all over the world and the creeks, caves and waterfalls of the terrain here are just as beautiful as you will find anywhere.”


The company offers a variety of riding options including choosing between three-, four- and eight-hour rides, all of which are guided by the Fisher family.


“Some of the best parts about the trails here is the history that surrounds them” said Fisher. “By offering guided tours, we can take the unique knowledge we have learned about the local area and share that with our riders.”


Some of those unique locations include local wineries, historic ghost towns and the former home of country music legend Johnny Cash.


In addition to the locations, Fisher’s Off-Road Rentals sets itself apart by offering state-of-the-art equipment.


“One of the most important aspects of this tour is that we have top-notch equipment and top-of-the-line side-by-sides,” Fisher explained. “Some tour companies have really beat down equipment, and that doesn’t give the person on the tour the best experience. We want to take their experience level through the roof, and part of that involves giving customers top-quality equipment, along with the best in accessories.”


By opening the rental business, the Fisher’s are hoping to bring their love of off-road to new families. While stopped at a waterfall along one of the trails, Brian Fisher went on to recount the story of a family that had recently toured with them.


“The father was driving the side-by-side and had his wife and two children in the unit” said Fisher. “Everyone seemed pretty timid as we started off but by the time we reached our midpoint here [the waterfall] where everyone could stretch their legs and take some photos, they were laughing and having a blast. According to the dad, the best part was that everyone in the unit was having so much fun they didn’t touch their phones a single time. It was just the family enjoying nature together. That’s exactly what this is all about. There’s nothing quite like the wind therapy as you cruise the back roads. The peace you get is like nothing else, and we’re excited to share that with others” said Fisher.


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