who we are

At Local Maury News, our name says it all. We focus on the stories and content that matter to our local viewers. We strive everyday to spread the word on all the upcoming events of the county. We have a strong focus on the small business and look forward to introducing the immediate area to all the hidden gems that the area has to offer. It is our mission to be the source for local information across the county and the surrounding areas.

How it all began

Local Maury News was started by a group of lifelong Maury residents. The founders felt that many of the traditional sources for information seemed to focus on larger markets like Nashville and Murfreesboro and overlook some of the unique gems this area has to offer. As a result, many of the residents look to one another for the local scoop. Throughout the years Maury has changed dramatically, but as the county has grown, the questions have remained the same: Where can I get a great burger? What’s something fun I can do with my kids? Where’s the best place to shop around here? These questions seem to be on the mind of both longtime residents and those new to the area alike. It turns out that we all want the same things. We all want to know where the best places are to spend our time and our hard earned money. While we have spent decades singing the praises of these local staples, we keep getting the same reaction I’ve never heard of that place. I’ll have to check it out. We realize that the community was growing faster that the word could spread. There needed to be a way to take this word of mouth mentality to a larger scale.  That’s where we come in.