Legacy Coffee Co: Something You’ve Never Seen

When we all are able to get back to our regular commutes, those traveling through the Neapolis area between Columbia and Spring Hill will be able to witness something they have never seen before now that Legacy Coffee Co. has brought their unique take on coffee to the area.

Legacy has opened their new location at 2457 Nashville Highway, near Spring Hill High School. What sets them apart and made their previous location such a success is the way they choose to roast their coffee beans. Now their customers will be able to see it happen.

“We are super excited about the new space” said Josh Merrill, owner of Legacy Coffee Co. “The biggest difference is that in this location, our guests can actually watch us roast coffee right in front of them. Our process is unique and our guests can watch it happen right in the store.”

Coffee is a universally loved product that can be made more ways than we could possibly talk about here, but long before your beverage of choice hits your lips, it starts off as a bean waiting to be roasted. As coffee roasts, it gets its color and more importantly, flavor. This is usually done in a drum and very difficult to see, however Legacy uses what is known as a “air roasting” process that allows them to get one of the smoothest possible end products and will be able to be seen by anyone who checks out their new location.

“We want to create a schedule of what and when to roast” said Merrill. “If a customer has a favorite blend, they will be able to come and watch it develop and even walk out with a bag made that day. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.”

In addition to the viewing window, the new Legacy will offer a variety of sitting options and more space than the previous location. They will continue to carry a variety of baked goods such as muffins and sandwiches from the Columbia-based Windmill Bakery.

“We are looking to expand our food offerings as well” said Merrill. “We will continue to offer some of the favorite offerings from our previous space and are looking to add some light lunch options as well.”

One of these popular options would be the chorizo & pepper-jack. This awesome sandwich takes garlic-cheddar, hash browns, eggs and cheese and turns them into two waffles to wrap around a pepper-jack and chorizo breakfast patty. The end result is a delicious and gluten free way to start the day.

“We are going to have a designated line just for drip coffee” said Merrill. “The station will offer 3 varying strengths of coffee and a cream and sugar bar so for 3 dollars, you can get a 16 oz. cup and be back on the road in a flash. We even have designated parking for this so you won’t have to fight for parking. It’s all about speed and convenience for our guests.”

Another way Legacy is unique is that they donate one dollar from every bag of coffee sold to local charities.

“Our objective is to revive the mundane” said Merrill. “We want to have a space that is unique and gives something you don’t see everywhere. We use a different machine and we roast in a different manner than most any other option. We also want to do more than just serve great coffee. We want to give back to the local community and to organizations that need it. My wife and I said when we started the company that we wanted to improve the quality of life for people in our community. There is some great local charities that are doing tremendous work so instead of recreating the wheel, we decided to just take a portion of our proceeds and funnel them right back into those great local efforts.

For faster service, customers can even order online and pull up to one of the Curbside pick ups.

Legacy Coffee is entering their fifth year of operation, but owner Merrill has been in the industry for far longer than that. After a childhood where coffee was the go-to response to every family gathering, he went on to work for industry giant Starbucks in his late teens. Moving up in their company led to a training program where Merrill gathered a wealth of knowledge of the flavors and experiences of coffee.

“I learned a great deal about how to help people find their flavor” said Merrill. “If I can help them identify what flavor they don’t like in a particular type of coffee, I can then help steer someone to a flavor profile that potentially, they will enjoy much more.”

The coffee shop will be open Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. and will operate on Saturdays from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m.

To learn more about Legacy Coffee Co, click here.

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