Revolution Ink: Changing the City’s Tattoo Landscape

Columbia is fast becoming a creativity hotbed. While new arts are popping up all the time, one that has been around for years is also seeing a resurgence: Tattoos. Now more popular than ever, they are a way for individuals to express themselves, memorialize a loved one or even just remember a moment in time. More than a quarter of the population now has at least one and those numbers are climbing everyday. Luckily for us, we have some really creative artists right here. Revolution Ink is one of the shops leading this resurgence in local tattooing.

Revolution Ink has been turning heads and growing ever since they came to be. The shop won Best of Maury in their first year in business and are now in the running for a second consecutive title. In between their win and this years nomination, they hosted the Columbia’s inaugural tattoo competition Shut Up and Ink as well as expanding their shop and adding additional artists. We sat down with shop owner Joe Caneiro and talked about the rapid ascent of Revolution.

“Its been a long road to get here and it was worth every bit of hard work put in” said Caneiro. “Our first year in business we were voted Maury’s best. With expanding the shop in year two, we created a space to begin teaching the art of tattooing to others.”

Caneiro went on to talk about the way he has built his business. He said that Revolution prides itself on custom art so that clients can have unique pieces. He also discussed the growth in the city. He talked about how in years past many felt the need travel to Nashville to do anything but that this is no longer the case.

“This whole place is growing and art is at the heart of it all” said Caneiro. “Columbia is good town that deserves good ink and we fully intend on living up to our name and reputation.”

It remains to be seen if Revolution will defend their Best of Maury crown this year as voting is happening now. But Caneiro did ensure us that the Shut Up and Ink will be in returning this May.

“We are still looking into exact days and times” said Caneiro. “I can tell you that this time we will have apprentices competing in their own category as well.”

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